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June 29, 2016
Trout, Trout everywhere. It’s not a matter of IF you will catch your limit, it’s really how fast and how big of fish do you want! There are some monsters up north (3- over 20#s weighed in this weekend) but still a fair number of decent sized ones on the bank and in the hole as well. Dodgers with Spin N’ Glos or those awesome Laker Flies have been the ticket. They’re really nailing all of the colors!!
We have quite a few kings around right now, but they are small, probably 2yr olds. Many of our guys are actually avoiding the bank for kings for just this reason. Some nicer ones have been caught in that 150-200′ of water 60-80′ down. Flies behind spin docs have been the ticket there, although the meat bite is picking up and also producing a bit larger fish.
We saw both Steelhead and a couple nice browns caught this weekend as well. The Pier report for these have remained pretty good too, due to the cooler than expected water temps. Don’t be afraid to put down some of the smaller Moonshine or Stinger orange spoons for these dandy fighters.
We haven’t really seen the offshore steelhead program set up yet and with the way the lake has warmed consistently and evenly, we may not. A few boats chased what appeared to be a nice break about 12mi out early last week and it just didn’t produce.
The Rock Bass bite is on! Hit the blue line with some leaches on a perch rig or troll 25′ of water with a Jr. Thunderstick 4′ behind an egg sinker. Some reports of decent perch still lingering and of course the small mouth are still hanging around as well. We haven’t had many lake trout reports as of yet, but wouldn’t hesitate to go out to that 80-100′ of water and troll cowbells or dodgers with spin n glos right on bottom.
Pan Fish Catches still remaining steady on Upper though as the water warms, you may have to wonder out do deeper water. Walleye has slowed some on lower but the bass should still be good. Target deeper water and underwater points.


June 10, 2016
We’re still picking away at the salmon on the bank. Fishing 130-150′ of water with gear spread over 50-80′ down. Our 300′ Bloodrun Copper rod with a Moonshine Blue Slice was taking good hits this morning. There seems to be a few steelhead milling about in the same area over 100′ of water in the 45-50′ of water as well. Trout action remains good on the reef.
Crystal Lake
We’re hearing good Smallmouth reports, though boat traffic for these beauties is up a bit. The Rock Bass are starting to fireup near the drop and anglers are still catching some decent perch in this area as well.
Herring Lakes
The walleye action continue to improve on Lower Herring Lake and we’re getting some nice Crappie reports from Upper.
Bass & Otter
Rumor of pretty good gill action from these two hidden jems to the north
Friday Night
Showers and t-storms likely after 8pm. SW 6-12mph
Partly Sunny, 70deg. West winds around 10mph
Sunny, 65deg. NW wings 5-10mph


June 3, 2016

Fishing action remains good here in Frankfort. The Lake Trout are on FIRE, 30-60′ of water right on bottom. They seem to be picking out the dodgers with spin-n-glos or peanuts. The King bit is also decent. Fishing 100-160′ fo water 60-100′ down with Flies behind Spin Docs have been the ticket. Nice quality fish too!!

Crystal Lake
The Perch have showed up a bit. When the action is fast, the size is smaller but some good leaches have hooked some dandy perch over the last week or so. The Rock Bass bite is still a little slow and Smallmouth are putting the final touches on their beds and moving in.

Herring Lakes
Walleye action has improved and we’re getting decent reports of Blue Gill and Bass as well!

Fishing Report

May 20, 2016
Lake Trout Action remains good with Dodgers and Spin’n’Glos right on bottom. Anglers that are targeting Kings are having some luck (1-2/trip) and they are really nice, quality fish (12-20#). We’ve also been seeing a steelhead here and there with some rumors that the offshore steelhead program is pretty darn good right now!
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Crystal Lake – We’re finding some perch in that 30′ of water range, decent size and numbers. The Bass are just barely starting to head for their beds so we’re guessing that next week it will be ON!
Herring Lakes- We’ve had some reports of the walleye action picking up a bit on Lower. Not many reports coming from Upper.
Betsie Bay – Pretty good Pike action throughout the bay this last week.
Saturday – Sunny, 65deg, N 5-10mph
Sunday – Sunny, 60deg, NE 5-10mph switching to NW
Monday – Sunny, 64deg

Fishing Report

April 19, 2016

The Brown Trout action remains ok here in Frankfort. The lack of dirty water is making it a bit more challenging that a bit earlier in the year, but favorable winds Friday followed by calm seas Saturday and Sunday could be the key to some HOT BT action. Those out there trying are also catching a king here and there, a couple Walleye (open in the big water but not in the inner harbor) and pike as well. Steelhead have been hitting the river a little more making the pier and big water action a bit slower (But making the River Guys quite happy).

We’ve heard a couple rumblings of some ok Perch catches out on Crystal over the past few days. Early morning seems to be the ticket to those tricky buggers. Wigglers are the key.

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March 26, 2016

With the snow storm the last couple days I don’t have many up to date reports but I would assume with this snow melting and the forecasted 50 degree temps this will most likely be the week to target those wiley steelhead. We would think that the runoff should get both the beach and the river fired up. The brown trout bite remains the same, expect one to three a trip. Good luck out there and have fun.

Fishing Report (3-9-16)

March 9, 2016
We’re starting to pick at a few Brown Trout here in Frankfort from both boat and pier. It’s not stellar yet but it’s ok. Pier guys reporting best action on cleos and cobra spoons, where as the boat guys are 50/50 Body Baits to small/light spoons.

River Action still reported as slightly slow though there are some Steelhead being taken. Spawn or small jig with waxies under a float have been the ticket here.

Crystal Lake just opened up so no updated reports for perch as of yet, but now until Easter is usually go-time for our perch guys. Check that 20-40′ of water zone.

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February 25, 2016

Ice remains sketchy in many areas, but we still have very safe ice on Little Long and the East End of Crystal Lake. Little Long has been a great spot for small pike and some small perch while Crystal is giving up some nice catches of perch in 20-25′ of water. Surf Fishing reports are starting to trickle in with some browns and steelhead being caught. Browns are preferring the casting spoons while steelhead are biting the spawn on slip-sinker rigs. The Betsie has been slow thus far but we’re expecting it to fire up in the next week as this ice moves out.

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February 2, 2016

Where has all the ice gone??? We are getting LOTS of inquiries wanting to do some Crystal Lake Perch, Smelt and Lake Trout fishing, but unfortunately fellow anglers, Crystal is not frozen. Furthermore, with this very warm winter we’re having, it’s looking less and less likely that we’ll see a safe Crystal this winter.

The inland lakes are holding their own. Little Long still has nice, safe ice and lots of medium sized Pike available for the taking. Upper Herring, Portage and Arcadia were all holding up well this weekend too. We have had some really warm weather since, so please be sure you’re exercising caution wherever you go. Portage has been the only consistent perch reports we’ve received, though they vary from “several but small” to “a few but nice”…

Betsie Bay has been giving up good pike action with some DANDY pike taken this year (we’ve had 3 well over 30”). Sunday, however, the ice really started to break up and ship out. A few cold days and we could be back in action but it’s pretty hit/miss right now.


January 23, 2016

The Pike action on Betsie Bay has been good. Doing some culling for size but lots of flags and opportunities to throw the spear. Walleye reports are steady from both Platte and Upper Herring. We’re getting mixed review perch reports for Portage and hearing that Arcadia has been pretty quiet. Pan fish reports are hit/miss at best. Still no real safe ice on Crystal.

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