2-10-17. Tiny Bubbles Charters.


February 10, 2017

Little Long Lake:

Good, safe ice combined with Pike and Perch action to keep you busy has made this lake a lifesaver on this wacky/warm winter. This is a study lake with no size limit or bag limit on pike…. very fun


Crystal Lake

There are lots of shanties scattered about the East end, off of Beulah with fishermen spotted as far west as Railroad Point. The west end has yet to freeze. The East End reports are a bit slow with lots of small fish reported.


Green Lake:

Anglers are still reporting good ice and good smelt action from Green.



Good ice combined with decent action have kept this spot hopping thus far this winter.



This lake seems to be the buzz right now. Good ice with some anglers reporting great catches, while others reporting mediocre catches. Sounds like this is a hot/cold lake and it’s a roll of the dice which day you hit.

Fishing Report

January 19, 2017

Well… Mother nature is running us ragged here in Benzie County. We’ve gone from no ice, to great ice, back to ok ice, with rain and upper 30’s-lower 40’s for the next 7 days. East end of Crystal Lake was seeing some decent perch action. A bit of culling involved, but good action and some nice eaters. Betsie Bay was producing some decent pike action, with a bit of sorting, but good flag and spearing reported. Ice was good but variable and the spots where most anglers prefer to be were still unsafe. As of 5pm tonight, the bay was back to 3/4 open. Little Long has been darn slow, which is a bummer as it has the most consistent and safest ice. Even with size not being an issue, the pike have been pretty elusive so far this year.


As of 4pm today, we have pulled our rental shanties and suspended trips until January 30th, pending ice conditions. Please be safe and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have questions.


September 4, 2016
We’ve finally caught a little break as Coho and Lake Trout action fire up on the bays. Fishing the Coho about 40′ down. The Red Dodger with a Black Fly has been working really well. The trout are right on bottom and eating up the KRW Laker Flies!
The action on the pier has also picked up. The Moonshine Casting spoons and Richey Squids are flying out the door! The river is a little tougher but still some decent action to be found, and should be getting better with the flipping of the lake on Friday. Spawn is the key there.
Crystal Lake
We’re seeing good Perch action, though the size is down a bit. It’s been nice mixing them in with the monster Rock Bass that are still biting well. The perch have been eating up the nice wigglers we got in this week.
The eyes should be starting to fire back up, though reports from both Platte and Herring are slow.


August 20, 2016
We had a great first pass this morning after the storms passed. Somewhere between 10-12 bites! 70-90′ down over 120-140′ of water. The darker spin docs (carbon 14, Black Crush) were hitting well early when paired with red meat rigs. Our divers were out 225′ (standard divers) and the 300-350′ coppers were firing well too. The “Big Ugly” program seems to be back on. The gaudier the lure, the more they like it. Try a plug on your copper, the Watermelon took several bite.
The guys jigging, using the P-Line vertical jigs, are having pretty good success as well, here in the bay. Those casting from the wall or pier are reporting mediocre action, but are predicting better bites anytime.
Not much action in the rivers as of yet. We should be getting close
Reports from Platte Lake say the Walleye are in hiding. I’m sure this week’s full moon phase didn’t help that bite at all.
Crystal is still giving up great catches of Rock Bass and nice catches of Perch. The perch aren’t huge but the action is pretty decent.
Saturday Afternoon: Showers and Thunderstorms likely with SE winds 10-15 and gusts as high as 25mph
Sunday: 50% chance of showers, NW winds 20-25mph
Monday: Sunny, SW winds 5-10mph


August 10, 2016
The king bite has picked back up after a couple of slower days. They’re definitely biting early (and late), when it’s still dark. Fishing over 140-160′ of water most bites coming in that 55-75′ range. Divers out 150 and 300′ of copper. Moonshines were taking early bites with the Atomic Melon and Bloody Nose (both in glow and RV) leading the pack. The UV/UV and Full Throttle Spin Doctors are still getting picked on as well.
We’ve also seen some better numbers and size of Lakers returning to the north. They’re nailing the KRW Laker Flies and putting up a good fight.
Our jigging anglers have been reporting good action as well. Those P-line jigs are getting destroyed by angry kings.
Stellar Rock Bass action remains while perch fishing has picked up as well. We’re also still grabbing really nice lakers off bottom near that 80′ of water range.
Good reports of pan fish of all types from both Upper and Lower. Walleye have slowed a bit on lower, however.


August 6, 2016

Good early & late bites have been helping with nice catches the past few days. We’re seeing a really nice mix of good kings and coho! Temp is in that 60’ range.

Divers out 150-250’ with spin doctors and flies. The kings are really picking out the UV stuff (Full Throttle, UV Crush, Pink Dots) with Big A, Riverside and Aqua Gold Glow working well for flies.

Riggers down 60-70’ also using flies/spinnies. Leads and copper not as hot but if running, suggest 300’ of copper and 10-12 color leadcore.


Rock Bass action remains stellar but if you don’t mind putting in the time (with some patience) you can pull decent numbers of OK perch out of those waters too (8″). Perch are hitting leaches and minnows while the bass will eat anything that ends up in front of them. We’re still seeing some nice Lakers coming out of Crystal as well. Target that 80′ of water range with Spin N Glo behind dodgers.


July 29, 2016
We’ve had an awesome week of fishing here in Frankfort. We’re still catching limits of nice trout and are now mixing in some dandy kings. 2-6 kings is pretty average right now and most are at least 10# with many in the 15+ category. Fishing over that 150-200′ of water, they were deep to start the week, but are coming up. Spread your gear from 65-90′ down. They really seem to be tearing up the Spin Doc/Fly combos but we have catch reports on Meat and spoons as well. The Full Throttle 8″ Spin Doc with the Riverside Fly has been consistent. The Moonshine Blue Slice spoon has been good too.
We’ve had reports of some nice perch catches. Smaller in size (8-10″) but good numbers. The Rock Bass remain awesome both in size and numbers. The Lakers are still biting as well. Use Dodgers with Spin N Glo on bottom for the Lakers, and Leaches have been working good for Perch and Bass.
We’ve been getting a few reports of decent walleye action on lower. Bottom bouncing or crawler harnesses working well. Lots of pan fish with a new wallys mixed in reported from Upper as well.


July 16, 2016

The winds have finally calmed after almost a week of nearly unfishable waters. We weren’t sure what to expect going out yesterday, but things have remained pretty much the same. The trout action to the north was still amazing. Nice size and great numbers. We are also still consistently picking at some kings in deeper water to the west. 7-12# average but usually grabbing a nice one or two as well. The larger kings have been picking out the spin doctor fly combos on my divers. While the younger fish have preferred spoons on coppers and leads. The standard size spoons seem to be the ticket there. Pink Dots Spinnie with the Big A fly as well as the Wonderbread spinnie with Auqua Gold Glow fly. For spoons we’ve been seeing good action on Moonshine Silver Flounder and the DW Sexy Veggie.

We’re still hearing of some limited success on the piers as there are some bait fish in there and silver fish to follow.

The Rock Bass bite is on. Fishing the drop-off with pretty much any technique of your liking will produce large numbers of nice fish. In that 80′ of water right on bottom, we’re also seeing nice Laker action. Cowbells and Dodgers have been the key for the Lake Trout.

Lower – Crawler harnesses trolled super slow have been producing some ok (15-17″) Walleye this week. We also picked up a few incidental pike using walleye methods.

Upper – We’re still seeing some decent pan fish bites, starting to move a little deeper as this water warms.

Fishing Report

July 9, 2016
The Laker bite is still HOT HOT HOT. We’re starting to see some good action on 8″ Spin Doctors followed by Spin N’ Glos. Green Spinnies seeing good action. There are still a lot of small kings around. We’re finding a few better ones in the 110-150′ of water range 60-80′ down. Moonshine RV spoons working well, along with 10″ spinnies with meat rigs.
Good Lake Trout action in the 80-120′ of water right on bottom. Dodgers with Spin n’ glos taking the hits there. The Rock Bass bite remains hot as well. Right on the drop with leaches!
A few reports of walleye from lower, though action still a bit slower as the water continues to warm. Pan fishing remains good on upper. Pick your species and go!


June 29, 2016
Trout, Trout everywhere. It’s not a matter of IF you will catch your limit, it’s really how fast and how big of fish do you want! There are some monsters up north (3- over 20#s weighed in this weekend) but still a fair number of decent sized ones on the bank and in the hole as well. Dodgers with Spin N’ Glos or those awesome Laker Flies have been the ticket. They’re really nailing all of the colors!!
We have quite a few kings around right now, but they are small, probably 2yr olds. Many of our guys are actually avoiding the bank for kings for just this reason. Some nicer ones have been caught in that 150-200′ of water 60-80′ down. Flies behind spin docs have been the ticket there, although the meat bite is picking up and also producing a bit larger fish.
We saw both Steelhead and a couple nice browns caught this weekend as well. The Pier report for these have remained pretty good too, due to the cooler than expected water temps. Don’t be afraid to put down some of the smaller Moonshine or Stinger orange spoons for these dandy fighters.
We haven’t really seen the offshore steelhead program set up yet and with the way the lake has warmed consistently and evenly, we may not. A few boats chased what appeared to be a nice break about 12mi out early last week and it just didn’t produce.
The Rock Bass bite is on! Hit the blue line with some leaches on a perch rig or troll 25′ of water with a Jr. Thunderstick 4′ behind an egg sinker. Some reports of decent perch still lingering and of course the small mouth are still hanging around as well. We haven’t had many lake trout reports as of yet, but wouldn’t hesitate to go out to that 80-100′ of water and troll cowbells or dodgers with spin n glos right on bottom.
Pan Fish Catches still remaining steady on Upper though as the water warms, you may have to wonder out do deeper water. Walleye has slowed some on lower but the bass should still be good. Target deeper water and underwater points.
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